Cathay Pacific Airways

  • CATHAY PACIFIC - LifeWellTravelled
    McCann Worldgroup x SCAD collaborative campaign 2017. Cathay Pacific believe that travelling well is an important part of living well, and they continually strive to enhance the overall travel experience for almost 70 years. The objective for the social campaign is to continue to build on the Life Well Travelled platform, and also to build brand preference of CX because of their modern fleet and excellent product - A350. The target audience of the campaign are millennials fans who follow and have an interest in the Cathay Pacific brand. They are highly mobile, social and also influence highly by their social circles.

  • #Sleepover 35,000 ft

  • Life in the city is stressful. Many millennials are suffering from insomnia in nowadays and they feels that living in the city is never calm. Besides, they believed that home is their only comfort zone that allows them to sleep well and relieve stress. The idea of Sleepover 35,000 ft. is to provide a homey environment and harmonised atmosphere to the audience, encouraged them to enjoy the new feature and help them to sleep well on A350. The touchpoint begins with a Facebook survey. Audience will be seeing some Facebook post on their newsfeed that’s questioning about people’s sleepover preference. The result of the survey will be collected for further development of other touchpoint.

  • When checking in, the passenger of A350 will receive a ticket from the ground crew, and they’re encouraged to redeem, the ticket(coupon) at gate. The design of the ticket is 1:1 to normal boarding pass, which will be more convenient to let audience to carry with their passport.

  • After the passenger reached the gate, that can see some special designed vending machine. At there, they can redeem a personalised sleeping bundle with their ticket. Besides, all of the items provided in the vending machine are based on the result of the Facebook survey. Passenger can pick what they want to help them to sleep, or items that let them to enjoy a playful and fun sleepover on 35,000ft.

  • When passengers aboard flight A350, they can see a that’s introducing the new features and uniqueness of A350. It’s also provided an introduction on the sleepover on 35,000ft idea, and also a guidelines to them on how to use the sleeping bundle that the received from the vending machine.