KinetiK 2017 Opening Titles

  • Before you get started looking over this project please know it was a collaborative effort and it would of never been completed without our awesome team! This team, comprised of seven SCAD motion media students including myself, were able to design and animate the entire opening in one weekend. We had a long time to concept and develop the idea but we were hit with a much shorter deadline to complete the titles due to the venue being upgraded to SCADshow. 
    Creative Director: Liah Honeycutt
    Motion Designer: Lupita DjodyJames HumaWai Hong LimEniola OdetundeTiauna Smith, and myself.
    Photographer: Yvette Sánchez
  • KinetiK is the annual Motion Media showcase filled with the best motion design work SCAD Atlanta has to offer during the 2016-2017 school year. Since the show is about showcasing student work, we decided to shine a light on the artist behind the work by including photos of them for this years theme. 
  • Above are original style frame concepts designed by Lupita Djody and Liah Honeycutt. Our team liked the idea of mixing black and white images with 3D elements that had a flat feel to them by the use of bright colors. 
  • Color palette and gradients that were used in combination with black and white.
  • Sucrose regular and bold used throughout and slant used on the 'KinetiK' title. 
  • Above are some style frames I designed after we agreed on a looked for the title package. Day 1 of production involved everyone cranking out as many style frames as possible. The more options we had to chose from the better. Once we had a huge library of frames to chose from, Liah placed them into a comp with the edited music so we would time out how long each scene would be. She made three cuts of music that varied in length and we went with 45 seconds because it felt like a solid amount of time for out opening titles. 
  • Day 2 of production consisted of us cranking out all the animations of the stills. We each looked over the frames and chose the ones we were most comfortable with putting into motion. Above are the four that I worked on.