Adult Swim Network ID: Blacklight Zone

  • Concept: The unseen impact of Rick and Morty’s travels are conveyed through a grotesque mural with a secret. A live-action timelapse shows a graffiti artist painting a mural of the two main characters. Once completed, a blacklight is switched on, revealing the fluorescent side-effects of their inter-dimensional adventures, including glowing aliens, wriggling tentacles, bubbling boils, and more. This was part of SCAD Collaborative Learning Center with Adult Swim fall 2016. Aired in February 2017. 
  • Final animated ID. Also seen on Adult Swim YouTube at
  • Refined style frame by Ismail Ahmad.
  • Timelapse from the final day of production.
  • Hyperlapse of mural artist Ismail Ahmad. 
  • Hyperlapse of mural artist Ismail Ahmad, part 2.
  • Hyperlapse transition between normal spray paint and glowing spray paint.
  • Team Photo (from left to right): Tiauna Smith, Ismail Ahmad, Stephen Amicucci, Kevin Lim, Liah Honeycutt, and Eniola Odetunde.