Passport by Fraser Papers (Paper Sample Book)

  • Passport by Fraser Papers: Paper Sample Book
    Superstitions: The Road Less Travelled

    I re-designed Fraser Paper's paper sample book called Passport. To make it more engaging, I used the phrase "the road less travelled", and created a story about a traveller to takes this road. As superstitions are often "the road less travelled", this paper sample book tells the story of a traveller, who is unable to avoid the superstitions that have arisen from each of the places she visits. 

    The samples are present in the form of boarding passes, & behind each one is a "diary entry" that the traveller writes about her experience in that city. Each superstition has its own hand-drawn illustration that summarizes it. Through this journey, the traveller falls in love, gets married in India, & finds out about her husband's infidelity. Come, join her on this turbulent journey!