Fairy Milk

  • Fairy Milk
    Dairy products line

    Fairy Milk (produced by Molokija company) is a well-known and successful brand on the Ukrainian market. 
    It has numerous fans that value its quality and philosophy. We were commissioned to redesign Fairy Milk line within global redesign of all the Molokija brands including the parent company.

    The main challenge was to analyze the old design and rethink it in a very careful way. As the brand is already successful, it is a huge responsibility to make any changes. New packaging should be familiar to all loyal customers and attractive to new ones. This mass-market product is sold in all the supermarkets around the country. That is why the design should be understandable and appealing for all kinds of people regardless of age, education and artistic taste.

  • First of all, we had to keep vivid yellow background of the packaging, as it has already become an important eye-catching attribute of Fairy Milk. It was essential to follow the existing childish style and use fairy tales characters, but we decided to make them especially touching and kind. To underline the origin of Fairy Milk, we used only Ukrainian fairy tales and got inspiration from children’s books design typical of Ukraine. The brand name is well-known but Fairy Milk had no real logotype before as every product in the line had different title font. We developed a dynamic but recognizable logotype, changed visual accents as well as created a new structure for technical and promotional information.

  • Good Night Milk

    Good Night Milk, milk taken from cows at night, is notably tastier. It contains special supplements proven to aid sleep and reduce anxiety, makes ones feel like in childhood. It is a novelty in Fairy Milk series. The design challenge was to develop the existing series but have its own logotype for the new product. It was important to keep folklore style and atmosphere of fairy tales. This time the main character, fairy cow, stays behind the scenes and only moon horns decorated with copper bells are visible.

  • While working on Fairy Milk line, we also redesigned the Molokija parent company logotype. It should be changed independently and in the way it could be easily embedded in all the existing products.

    Art director, designer: Yurko Gutsulyak
    Illustrators: Yevhenia Haidamaka, Polina Omelchenko
    Lettering: Yurko Gutsulyak, Kirill Tkachov
    Project manager: Zoryana Gutsulyak