Hot Tub Posters: January - April

  • Hot Tub with Kurt & Kristen is a long-running comedy variety show in Los Angeles hosted by comedians Kurt Braunohler and Kristen Schaal. I adore Kurt and Kristen, and pretty much all of my favorite comedians have been on the show at some point, so it was surreal to be offered the chance to be one of the artists creating the weekly posters this year.

    Making a poster every two weeks has been a challenge, and it's given me the rare opportunity to experiment with technique and style in the context of a quick turnaround. I knew one of the learning curves with leaving school was figuring out how to balance a full-time job with deadlines, but Hot Tub has given me a chance to iron out all the wrinkles.

    Thanks again, Joel! Excited to tackle the rest of the year.