• Turf is a smart sprinkler system with the goal of streamlining the sprinkler calibration process. Normal sprinkler systems rely on a clunky scheduling system, often times incorporating a dial for different options and a small information screen, and are easy to improperly set up, leading to heavy water waste. They are generally also difficult to navigate. Turf attempts to address this with a straight forward wall-mounted touch screen interface. Turf also has custom sprinkler heads that allow selective water projection, so that a user can specifically draw out desired watering areas on the home module. Turf goes beyond simplifying the watering process and also provides a user with data like water consumed and an estimated water bill depending on the user's area. The auto rain shut-off option is also simplified to be part of the system rather than part of the water dispenser of any house so that users are aware that the option is available.

    Original photographs used in renderings belong respectively to photographers Wu Yi, Noel Lopez, and Azmi Semih.
  • The sprinkler heads are formed to have stronger projection capabilities that facilitate Turf's custom watering function.
  • A sample of the pathway that can be drawn for both individual sprinklers and sprinkler groups.
  • Turf is accompanied with a mobile pairing that gives sprinkler and water bill access to individuals on the go.