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    SCADtalks is a quarterly series geared towards upper-level students to develop high-quailty professional presentations. Each quarter, only three students are invited to participate.


    My experience with SCADtalks was a tough but enriching one. Throughout my life, public speaking was something I have always tried to avoid. I was that person who always preferred to stand in the background rather than in the spotlight.

    The presentation shares personal struggles with self-confidence as a designer and takes a particularly critical look at the pressure to be perfect. The illustrations follow the narrative of several stressful situations by reducing them to essentials. Furthermore, comical elements and a sketchy style provide the whole work with a distinct touch of humour.

  • Choosing the topic for my speech was a difficult process. I was not sure if I had ever done anything so worthwhile in my life that I would be proud to share with my fellow peers. I am not an extraordinary person—I am just Jamie. But as I was brainstorming with my mentor, I asked myself what kind of topics I would have liked to hear from a speaker. It brought me back to my second year at SCAD, to a time when I struggled to understand myself as a person and a creative. Back then, I had just begun my graphic design courses and found myself lacking confidence in my skills. I recalled the times I felt like I hit rock bottom, but also the times when friends and Professors would be there to lift my spirits. 

  • I also learned in the process that I was not alone in feeling that way, and many other students also felt insecurities. Now fast forward to 2016, and “searching for self-confidence” became the foundation of my speech. I believe that we as students, and as creatives, should be more transparent with our process; we shouldn’t be afraid to fail and we certainly shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help when we need it.

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