Avund Goods

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    Minimal leather goods company combining the accuracy of modern technology with the feel of traditional crafts.
  • ∆ | Story

    Avund Goods was created in 2012 by Mika Becktor and Tom Hayes, two graduates from the Savannah College of Art and Design. One Industrial Designer from Sweden and one Graphic Designer from England who wanted to join forces and bring their passions to life.

    Our mission is to create minimal and functional things, designed for the consumer who appreciates hand made quality, and products thatare meticulously thought out.

    These products are carefully researched, designed, prototyped, and tested with multiple people over extended periods of time to make sure functionality and durability meets our particular standards. We want to give these products a chance to last a lifetime.

  • ∆ | Process

    MADE IN USA & UK: All our products are designed, prototyped, tested and hand made in USA or the UK.

    We care for the tiniest detail, which is why it took us 3 weeks of prototyping and testing to decide on the correct hole-configuration. Matching stitch-length with stitch-hole to thread-thickness ratio to get just the right visual appearance that we were looking for.

    Raw edges can be beautiful but only If you give them some care. Too often we see leather products cut out in a hurry and left with raw untreated edges. This saves the maker a lot of time, but to us our finishing detail shows real love for the product. Every edge on our products get some kind of treatment.

  • ∆ | Materials

    PATINA: (Tells the Story) What makes these products different from most other “Modern American Heritage” products is that they are made of light veg-tanned leather, which will age with beauty and inherit patina. Where ordinary products are at their prime when purchased, our products become better with time, we see it as personal customization.

  • We hand pick leathers treated with traditional methods in order to keep the natural properties of this fine material. Our vegetable tanned leather range will alter in color and become darker in the areas which are exposed to the most wear. (note that the leather will not wear and get weaker as fabric does, it will only benefit from the wear as natural oils effect it over time)
    If you choose the Chxl, it has already been dyed to a darker color but is designed to still adapt to its environment. we do not offer leathers where the natural properties have been altered.