"The Use & Abuse of Information" Editorial Illustration

  • The Use and Abuse of Information in Biology
  • Editorial illustration for The New Atlantis Journal in Washington, DC.

    Illustrating an essay about the view and understanding of information and genome in a certain and popular mindset in biology.

    "A prominent school of thought in biology today holds that all of life is really just information — starting with the code of our DNA, and then working its way up to pretty much everything else in life. Our author argues that this view (which amounts to an ideology) is wrong, both because it is mistaken about what information is and how it works, and because it is mistaken about biological life, which is vastly more rich and complicated than the ideology could account for."

    The editor added in discussing the project:
    "We're looking to somehow allude to how strange and miraculous and weird it is that matter could ever come alive; that you and I are made out of the same kinds of molecules as the rocks and water we see outside, and that we're all twisting, embedded, intertwining creatures."

    "Intertwining - Code - Rich and Complicated - Strange and Miraculous and Weird"
    All of these words mentioned were key in interpreting the in-depth article.
    A great project and marriage of manuscript and fitting style.
  • Thanks!