36 Days of Type - 2017

  • "36 Days of Type" (http://www.36daysoftype.com/) is an Instagram project that invites artists all over the world to design a letter of the alphabet everyday creatively. For my 2017 edition, I picked an animal theme, designing each letter with a corresponding animal that starts with that letter.

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    Check out my 2016 edition here - https://www.behance.net/gallery/37463297/36-Days-of-Science-Fiction-Type
  • A for Alpaca
  • B for Buffalo
  • C for Chameleon
  • D for Dinosaur
  • E for Eagle
  • F for Fox
  • G for Goldfish
  • H for Horse
  • I for Impala
  • J for Jaguar
  • K for Kangaroo
  • L for Lion
  • M for Mammoth
  • N for Newt
  • O for Ostrich
  • P for Penguin
  • Q for Quail
  • R for Rhino
  • S for Sloth
  • T for Tiger
  • U for Uakari
  • V for Viper
  • W for Wolf
  • X for Xantus
  • Y for Yak
  • Z for Zebra
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