BBDO x SCAD collaborative campaign 2017. TeaCha subscriptions provide the simplest way to learn about and taste teas from around the world. Each monthly pack that showcases 5 unique teas that are not only markedly different but also seasonally appropriate, perfect for drinking during that specific month. The target audience are 19 to 32 years old millennials, male and female HongKonger or Hong Kong based ethnically diverse independent thinkers. Life has become faster paced and competitive than it was ever before. The fast paced lifestyle has its side-effects and often such a lifestyle can have serious repercussions on the health of individuals living this sort of fast lifestyle.

  • #SenseTheMoment

  • New set of graphic elements were designed for the integrated campaign. 
    The design is inspired by the stems of tea leaves, and the pattern will be adopted into different touch points.
  • The first touch point will be a taxi car wrap, each taxi represent a different country,
     its bring out the features of TEACHA's all rounded and globalized experience.
  • The second touch point will be a guerrilla marketing placed in the Hong Kong Central Pier. A large tea farm will be launched as a pop up and an interaction with the audience, audience will be available to work through the farm and experience and taste, smell, see, and feel the tea. The site will be designed as a world map, each section represent different countries and bring distinct tea to the audience.

  • When the audience walks through different section of the tea farm, an unique mark (of that country) will be stamped on their hands, which will form the shape of the world map after they finished walking the tea farm.