• Imagine for a moment a young one who plays in snow. Innocent bliss hurling the most substantial ball tiny hands can form. Waddling as fast as the small body can propel an expansive and unaltered mind. Or think of the kid gap tooth, clothes muddled and mudded from playing in the mud pile which acts as a mirror magnifying the unimaginative and mundane life that could come to be. Think of the one who names more rocks or various "inanimate" objects than you have friends that choose to believe in the "wild" and "absurd" idea or initiative. 
    Have no fear of being young, or "naive", or spontaneous, or chasing any daydream.
    Play in the snow, alone or with the pleasure of companionship. Don't be afraid of what others would consider a mud pile. Name as many things. Be wild, be bold, let whatever you have lost along the way steer. Finally, imagine for a moment a young one, and imagine a life which mirrors this.