GRAPHIC DESIGN | Uns "Refugees in Berlin" Campaign

  • Objective
    Create a campaign to bring awareness to a social issue

    Over 350,000 refugees entered the EU within the past year. Back in 2015 a large number of migrants poured through the German borders seeking refuge from wars in their own countries. Due to the cultural and language barrier, there is a clear separation within the groups as they lack the resources or knowledge of how to gather and get to know one another.

    Uns is a community building project directed at refugees and the natives of their host country. While there are many initiatives targeting refugees in hopes to helping them integrate into the community, most depend on volunteer efforts and therefore may remain small and relatively unknown due to weak web presence. My goal was to create a campaign, with the use of whimsical illustrations and bright pops of colour, to help highlights these organisations so locals and refugees know there are safe space together where they can get to know one another.

    The theme of the campaign would be grounded by the hashtag, #dumituns, meaning "you with us" in German and is built around the idea of inclusion and cross-cultural relationships.

  • First touchpoint
    I designed an A2 size pamphlet that be folded and placed in shelters or hostels that refugees may live in. They can also be placed around cafes and restaurants so locals can come in contact with it too. 


  • Second touchpoint
    A set of postcards sent by direct mail to citizens around the city. The illustrations on the postcards mirror that of the pamphlet and acts as a personal invitation to the organisations' events.

    In the back of the postcard, the viewer will find meeting locations, dates, and additional information related to their respective organisations. For example, Uber den Tellerand's postcard features a recipe for a Syrian meatball dish.

  • Street Poster & App Teaser

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