Strengths Finder Data Visualization

  • Strengths Finder Data Visualization

    Employees were asked to take a Strengths Finder assessment to help them discover their Top 5 Strengths. Once the results were finalized, the employees gathered for a two day Strengths Finder Training & Development Summit. I was asked to develop materials for the summit to present the department's collective results. The turn around time for the project was quick. I received the project brief on a Friday afternoon, got the final data the following Tuesday, and all of the files were sent to print on Thursday. 
  • —  B R A I N S T O R M    S K E T C H E S  —
  • While I was waiting for the final data to arrive, I began brainstorming ideas in my sketchbook. I knew that:
    - 92 employees participated in the study
    - Each employee would have 5 strengths among 34 themes
    - Each strength would fall into 1 of 4 categories
    - The department was comprised of 14 individual teams, that fed up into 3 larger teams
  • —  S A M P L E   O F   D A T A   R E C E I V E D  —
  • Once the data arrived I was able to analyze it against my sketches. My goal was to create visualizations that would surface useful insights and connections in the data. Give the time constraints, I decided to create a handout with 3 data visualizations that could also be printed as large posters. These materials turned out to be great conversation starters and were referred to through the summit's sessions. 

    The cover design shows an overview of the collective results of the 92 employees’ individual top 5 strengths, amongst the 34 themes, and 4 categories. Each dot represents one team member's individual strength. There are a total off 460 strengths graphed (92 employees x 5 strengths). 
  • The interior visualization shows the strengths within each individual team. The larger circles indicate that multiple individuals share the same strength within a team. The triangles, point to the top 5 themes within the department’s 3 larger teams.
  • The back cover shows the breakdown of the 4 category strengths amongst the teams and the department as a whole. 
    Jeannine Gaubert Pamoukdjian

    (Project date: 2016)