Travis Scott- Birds in The Trap Sing McKnight

  • Birds in The Trap Sing McKnight Illustration Set
  • As a personal project, I set out to create a set of three illustrations inspired by hip- hop artist Travis Scott's billboard #1 album Birds in The Trap Sing McKnight. 
  • The first illustration was inspired by the over all aesthetic of the album- trying to capture Travis Scott's dark and moody trap sound, along with my attempt to nail down some imagery that I felt represented the album.
  • pick up the phone
  • My favorite song from Birds in The Trap Sing McKnight- My goal for this illustration was to replicate the dark and glossy feeling of the track. The color palette for this illustration was heavily influenced by the Caribbean- feel of the track, and I was also influenced by the colors and themes of the music video.
  • Astroworld
  • No information has been officially announced about Travis Scott's next album, other than the title "Astroworld." It refers to an old theme park in Houston, Texas that was condemned several years ago. The last illustration is my take on some of the themes that may appear in the album.