Event Branding Design

    The objective for this project was to take the vision of Young Life’s current event identity system and update it in a way that communicated to the target audience more efficiently across multiple platforms. This project consists of rebranding fundraising events over an entire calendar year. 

    To achieve these tasks and objectives, I chose to create a new system that is both functional and playful while remaining reminiscent of the Young Life’s rich history. Working off of the original logo, I created a timeless minimalistic design to redesign and possess for future use. The colors of the barbeque design are slightly muted reflecting the sun and water and earth because of the event’s location outside in the Texas heat on land that is known to lie on red clay. The entire system was created to work both separately and as a whole. In addition to the postcards and logo for the various events, I also revised the look of the annual postcard as well as created tshirts, and added to their pre-existing website.