Custom Catan Board

  • Settlers of Catan is one of my favorites games, so it has been disappointing to find the official set I have has begun to warp due to its construction of cardboard, and continued use. In an effort to remedy this, I decided to make a custom board of plywood, using a laser cutting machine to ensure precision cutting and etching.
  • Full board, with resource tiles and ocean borders. All the coloring is done by hand, using Copic markers for the images themselves, and dark wood stain for the 'insides' of the resource tiles.
  • Every tile is different, each with slightly different colors or designs to keep things interesting.
  • City pieces (left), settlement pieces (right)
  • Resource 'chits,' also constructed of plywood, to complement the board. Various images found from free clip-art and vector image hosts online.
  • Cities, settlements, and roads all slot within the larger tiles to prevent accidental misplacement during play.
  • The whole set, in use.