Contact Lens Solution & Container (Packaging)

  • Opti-Free Contact Lens Solution & Alcon's Contact Lens Container: 
    Contact lenses cleaning solution & container are two products that are necessary to be present at the same time. Currently in the market however, even though these products are available in the same packaging, the container is just thrown in with the solution, with no specific allocation, & once the packaging is opened, the box cannot be used as the flap is permanently unsealed. This redesign provides a solution to this problem, with separate compartments for each product, that securely hold the product until it is intentionally removed by the user. The packaging the products come in, is perfectly reusable.

  • Product Shots:

  • When the user opens a new pack of contact lenses, he/she can scan the QR code, which is present on each box. The user would then get a text message sending them a reminder of the date on which their contact lenses were opened, making it easier for them to calculate & keep track of the date of expiry

  • Below are the flat designs, which are print-ready: