Be Proud

  • ​​​​​​​Living in a country that is known for its cultural diversity and still see that society imposes a beauty standard is something contradictory. European settlers, Indians and African slaves were responsible for the dissemination of brazilian culture, in addition to Italian immigrants, Japanese, Germans and many others. It is sad to see the reality of brazilian women who are unsatisfied with their hair. After the 2000s in Brazil the beauty standard was the blonde woman with the straight hair. Being proud of your curls is something liberating, though difficult for many women. It is common to hear stories of women who have suffered physically in an attempt to straighten their hair, either with chemicals or iron. I was inspired to do this project by watching my friend’s transioning process and listen to how difficult the acceptance process is, to go against the beauty standard and at the same time is a journey of self-knowledge . Fortunately this situation is changing gradually through campaigns of women assuming their identity and fighting for acceptance and complete happiness with her hair. Through this project I want to show how beautiful the curly hairs are and try to help the women in their acceptance process.