• Narratorium: a location in which narratives are able to be stored and received.
  • For my design, I chose Colonial Park Cemetery in Savannah Georgia as the project site. The goal was to transform this preexisting historical cemetery into a personal memorial site for the loves ones lost in your own life. A cemetery can be categorized as half a narratorium because one does receive some sort of narrative from the epitaphs or the deceased. My design not only gives Colonial Park Cemetery the elements to be categorized as a narratorium, but also increases visitors by allowing the respected grounds of a cemetery to become more personal to the residants and visitors of Savannah. 
    The design consists of four elements - vertical entrance, memory web, inflatable shade structure, and steal frame.
    The vertical entrance is a series of horizontal pplanes with holes allowing vertical circulation. As the visitors climb the space gets darker, almost complete darkness, with only a hint of light from above. Once at the top, the visitor is overwhelmed the the white light from the sun against the stretchy white web.
    The memory memory web is a series of stretchy tunnels consisting of narratives, This is the location where stories are stored allowing the repeated return of a visitor to commemorate a close life lost. People are encouraged to write a story or memory of a person close to them who lost their life, to give them a space to grieve and commemorate the deceased.