• ThoughtSpark
    Smarter . Social . Solutions
  • ThoughtSpark is a online community of intellectual thinkers who come together to solve local, national, and global problems, in hopes of bettering the human condition. Designed as an iOS Mobile Product, ThoughtSpark embodies the growing trend in social collaboration, with the intent of providing a vehicle that our societies’ brightest minds can use to get their voices heard.

    I was able to spend five weeks working on this project in collaboration with six group members. Each member played a different roll in preparation to pitch our product to a series of investors. My primary roll was Art Direction and designer. I worked hand in hand with Trey McKay on the user experience and ios development ; along with all the branding and collateral for launch. 
  • Brand Identity
  • ThoughtSpark iOS Feed
  • Die cut business cards
  • Die Cut Business Cards
  • Brand Analysis / Graphic Standards
  • Graphic standards and Pantone colors
  • Logo ideation references
  • Leave behind flyer with custom icons
  • Custom icon set
  • Collateral close up
  • Icon Set