STORIEBOEK | meermin

  • STORIEBOEK | meermin
  • This is the mermaid princess's tiara, like an artifact straight out of the tale.  It designed how I envision it:  natural and exotic, with direct references to her deep connection to the sea.  The materials will be Sterling Silver, Cultured pearl, and possibly aniline dyes to simulate anodized metal.
  • These pieces are mouthguards of sorts, meant to hinder speech in the wearer.  When the protagonist of the story was cursed and her speech taken, she bore this burden inconspicuously.  These pieces make her disability the first thing you notice about her.
  • In the original Danish telling of the story of the mermaid princess, she is instructed to stab her lover in the heart for betraying her trust.  Instead, because her love is so great, she kills herself with the dagger and ascends to the afterlife.
  • The finished dagger.  Materials include: Sterling Silver, Mild Steel, Cubic Zirconia, Pine wood, Stingray leather and Tagua Nut.