STORIEBOEK | thumbelina

  • STORIEBOEK  |  t h u m b e l i n a 
  • Growing up in South Africa in the midst of both my grandmothers' gardens, I have developed a deep love for flora and fauna of all kinds.  One of the stories that touched on my fondness for the natural world was Hans Christian Anderson's Thumbelina.  One of my  favorite films as a young child was the Don Bluth animated adaptation of the tale.  This part of the Storieboek collection focuses on the point of view of Thumbelina.  As a very tiny person, she experiences the world in a very different way from the average man or woman.  She can see micro textures and details in a way that we never could.  For this piece, I want to focus on this aspect.  The most appropriate form, I feel, to convey this minute world, is a dress.  In this case, it takes the form of a wedding gown, relating to the many near-marriages Thumbelina escaped in her adventures.
  • This project is in progress, and will be updated with in process shots and final photos as they become available.