• Skin
  • This project began by responding topure line, shape and form of the human figure during live modelsessions. The tools used to produce these observational drawingsincluded an array of sticks and also brushes taped to the end ofsticks; the media used was primarily sumi ink, but also includedtranslucent white acrylic paint and charcoal. The objective of thesetools was to stimulate a lack of standard control, abling creativemark-making to be explored. The following paintings were directlyreferencial of the drawings, using in many cases, the exact linearstructures, building upon spontaneous marks with further controlledexploration of mark and media use.
  • "Untitled (Grain 1)"

  • "Untitled (Grain 2)"

  • "Untitled (Skin 1)"

  • "Untitled (Skin 2)"