Branding & Packaging

    Elite8 is an invented fragrance company geared towards men who seek a clean, organized, and efficient brand. It is a brand the man can depend on and trust completely because integrity and loyalty is imperative to the company. With their explicit and smart scent one won’t be able to resist. After using this fragrance he will gain personal courage and feel like a part of the elite. With its open, light, and masculine style, the product would stand out more so compared to the dark, closed-off packaging from other brands.

    Most of the mens fragrance brands out there are very dark and contained inside a box that one usually disposes after removing the products. With that in mind, I wanted to create something more on the opposite side of that spectrum. I decided to go lighter with the primary color and then use very little black, some warm grey and a pop of lime green to bring in some playful yet masculine vibe to the product. Also, I wanted the box in which the products reside in to be reusable for the customer. The name Elite8 came from the idea of being a more exclusive and trustworthy group a man would like to be a part of, like a secret society or a band of brothers per say. The font used for the brand name before editing it to make it more unique to the company is based off of ChaletComprime, a tall condensed font mimicking a tall man. Body copy and headers is a variation of Aleo, a modern slab serif that is legible and more masculine. The graphic element is a small, calculated scatter of lime green squares representing a minimal circuit board from any technological device.