Promotional Work

    Elenowen is a band of two from Nashville, TN. The folk singer/songwriter’s were also high school sweethearts, Nicole and Josh Johnson, who have a collection of modern music that keeps country and folk rock tradition alive. They travel all over the U.S. to perform live at venues or, when requested, at a house show. So far, they have three albums out and they are currently working on their fourth. They create music that invokes a more emotional connection to every song they record. Their focus is to provide their audience with a deeper understanding on love and relationships. I decided to compile the three albums they’ve made along with a re-brand of their identity and create promotional work for them.

    Elenowen’s music is emotional and thought provoking, so I wanted the identity on the album cover, lyric book, and promotional packaging to reflect that. I chose Spinwerad Bold for the main typeface. The thick and thin strokes are elegant and it brings a vintage-modern flair to their brand. I used the ampersand in Chopin Script because it intertwines well with Spinwerad Bold. Bebas Neue Light and Bold is used for body copy because it matches the thin strokes Spinwerad has as well as it is more condensed but legible which works well with their lyrics. I hand drew flowers to incorporate within the design and I chose to use forest and sage green, a burnt orange and cream, and eggplant. The colors not only work well within the flowers, but with the brand as they are inviting and genuine.