Branding & Packaging

    Boundless is an invented company geared towards the active industry pertaining to hiking products for women. It focuses on creating an experience through their brand by paying special attention to detail to make the products more memorable and personal for the consumer. While big companies are staples in society and cover a large consumer base, this company is dedicated to a smaller group, more focused group; active women who love to hike and explore the terrain and care about the environment. The company’s brand attributes are to be genuine, ambitious, and adaptive.

    Many hiking brands are very traditional and color heavy that are more emphasized towards extreme outdoor consumers. Knowing this, I wanted to create a more modern hiking brand with an airy atmosphere and a softer, soothing color palette. The color scheme, a saturated olive green, rose pink, and blush pink, is meant to have a bit more of a feminine touch and also get a break from the bright vibrant, colors one sees everyday at the office or in the city. The name boundless is to remind women that they can be or do anything they want if they set their mind to it. I chose three types of fonts: HelloScript, ProximaNova, and Montserrat. HelloScript is used for the name of the company with extensive editing to make it more unique and also, regularly used for headers. ProximaNova is used as body copy to represent the modern side of the brand and Montserrat is in the logo as it pairs well with the edited HelloScript. The graphic elements are basic triangular shapes that fade into the soft, light grey background color which mimics a natural forest landscape.