Out of Darkness

  • Being gay is not something simple in a world so catered towards a straight mold for us to live in. Being queer or transgender is often all the more trying, having to deal with being misunderstood daily. Many spend countless years of their life in fear of who they truly are and who they love. But by living and going to school here in Savannah, Georgia, I noticed a wealth of other people on the queer spectrum for the first time in their lives getting a shot at the love they truly want, and deserve. Working with couples in this portrait series gave me the opportunity to think back to my roots of being in the closet and all the darkness, the ‘shadows’ in the way of the light I only saw a glimpse of. Relationships are certainly never perfect either, even when we've found the ones we love. This series is also, most of all, a learning lesson to others and to myself of all the different forms, shapes, kinds of love that exist on our earth. I hope that the viewer will see that gay, lesbian, queer, aromantic, and polyamorous couples were founded on a fearless love like any other relationship. There is normalcy and grace the way these human beings interact, intermingle, intertwine. There are no boundaries. There are shadows, but there is so much light.