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    Logos, Yard Signs, and Print Ads
  • I am currently creating a branding package for a local construction company. Some of the work done so far includes logo design, yard sign design, and a design for a print ad in a local magazine. The customer seems very happy with the work I've shown so this has been a very rewarding project. More updates to come.

    - Clint, 8/2/12
  • Quick concept piece done to get myself into the 'construction/architecture' mood.
  • One of three first round yard sign design sketches. Still using the company's previous logo.
  • Second of the three yard sign design sketches I submitted. The customer chose this one as his favorite, so we'll likely be doing something similar for the final design.
  •  Third of three yard sign design sketches. I wanted to include a very simplistic, easily legible from a distance design option for the customer.
  • One of the many logo redesign submissions.
  •  Reworked the home silhouette for this version.
  •  Another logo variant.
  •  First submission to the customer of the print ad. Yet another new version of the logo being used here.
  • Magazine print ad final. Switched back to the old logo to meet the magazine's deadline, as well as a few other minor changes and additions.