Smithsonian Trip Planner Mobile

  • Smithsonian Trip Planner - Mobile UX Optimisation

    My role on this project was in a consultative capacity, to be a sounding board and to give creative input. The initial UX was based on breakpoints, for each device width being targeted, to determine the best possible layout for the content and the screen being viewed. Unfortunately, though the desktops, laptops and tablet devices had similar layouts that worked, it was later confirmed through user testing that the mobile layout and UX needed optimising.

    The focus was on improving the navigation of the mobile experience and tap into proven UX patterns for navigating mobile while leveraging the gestures that were not initially explored, i.e. swiping left/right for pagination and hiding/revealing the tool and tab bars while scrolling up/down. This approach was a departure from the original "click" tab method of navigating the mobile version of the site. Advancement through the mobile UX was linearised to enhance the experience and provide the most content to users. Users could always page back to add or correct information but can only page forward after a minimum amount of information was entered.

    The images below are samples of the extensive work that was required to create a pleasant UX for Smithsonian Trip Planner Mobile.
  • PSD iPhone 6 Plus Mockup form Pixeden –