FLEX- Branding and Packaging

  • The FLEX Company was founded with a mission to provide better products and information to women to help them feel more comfortable and thrive.  
    Many of the physical discomforts and inconveniences that we associate with our period are caused by products that fall short of our health and hygiene needs.
    As a female-founded and led company, we firmly believe that every woman should be able to choose what’s best for her own body. And that we deserve to have better options.
  •  Tampons were originally invented to stop bleeding in bullet wound victims, not for the female body.
    Superior products and education can help women feel more comfortable during their period, so that it can become a part of ourselves that we celebrate rather than fear, dread or eliminate.
    Our success is measured by the conversations started, the self-love being had, and the depth of our customer satisfaction. 
  • I wanted to create packaging that elevated an experience that is often under-looked, and even dreaded by women every month.
    Current tampon and pad packaging is not elegant or celebratory, rather the color palettes and designs are often childish and are typically hidden in women's bathrooms. I wanted to create a design that women would not be ashamed of keeping out in the open, and actually feel proud of displaying.