Ecological Urbanism

  • Ecological Urbanism 
    Guangzhou, China
  • The goal of this project is to create a high density urban environment that creates a low environmental impact.  This is crucial in the Pearl River Delta where pollution is very high.  The surrounding area is in high demand for fresh water.  Many local neighborhoods go without fresh water regularly.  The heart of this design is to produce an abundance of fresh, drinkable water.  The canal systems in the community help mitigate the pollution of water in the delta. The three connected towers on each side of the island are water percolators producing fresh water. Algae is a byproduct from this process which is then sent to an onsite biomass energy plant to produce clean energy.
    The fresh water generated through the towers is then circulated throughout the community.  The buildings terrace down in a stepped pattern to allow sunlight to hit every roof where vegetables are cultivated.  The Guangzhou University is directly adjacent to the site.  All of these systems working together provide an excellent example to the students and future generation.
  • Site analysis of infrastructural and natural existing systems throughout Guangzhou 
  • Site shown directly adjacent to the Guangzhou University 
  • Site plan with uses and diagrams of the functional components 
  • Exploded view of the site components
  • Full section of the site 
  • Diagrammatic breakdown of the geometry 
  • Quadrant section of one of the vertical towers
  • Interior view of the inner workings of the algae and vegetation processing system