Bandu, the Mini Mountain Yeti Package Design

  • Bandu, the Mini Mountain Yeti
  • So for my recent Production Design class, we were given almost absolute freedom when we were told that our assignment was to design a package for something. Something. Literally anything, as long as it was small-ish. That is ridiculous amounts of freedom, my friends. My feeble mind almost couldn't conceive it. 

    So I decided to do something cute, because, underneath my business-y style of design, I like cuteness. After scouring the internet for huggable things, I finally stumbled across these ferociously adorable "mini-demons" on the Etsy shop called TheNagasDen. I highly recommend checking them out. My favorite was a little Yeti-inspired one, and I had to have him for my own. And thus, Bandu was born.

    Bandu is a play on the Hindi word bandhu, or "friend." I meant for the package design to reflect Bandu's origins in the mountains of Nepal. He's finally decided that he wants to be done in the wilderness and wants a little boy or girl to give him a sweet home. 
  • One of my favorite parts of the whole packaging was the fur lining on the panels inside and outside the box. It gives a tactile quality to the box that was inspired by the fur on the stuffed animal himself.
  • Whenever a child gets a new favorite toy or stuffed animal, it becomes like their child. To incorporate this, I made the back of the packaging like an adoption form, with a picture and biography of the toy you're about to purchase. It was also a nice chance to do some quirky copywriting, and I'm all about that.
  • I created a multi-layer packaging experience by showing the cave, hills, and trees on the front panel, and a stylized mountainscape on the back panel.