Emergent Geographies

  • Emergent Geographies
  • My recent mixed media fibers work is inspired by observations of the natural world. I’m drawn to the way similar patterns re-appear across a range of scales in nature. I address this by layering and combining forms executed in a variety of different materials and processes, such as weaving, felting, knitting, and embroidery. The results are 3-dimensional fiber based collages that are at once abstract and familiar.
    I see a correlation between the field of fibers and the natural world.  In both instances highly organized structures (like the interaction of warp and weft or the division and growth of cells) result in forms that are organic, pliable and often chaotic.  There is an ephemeral quality to natural objects that can also be found in textiles. Coming to terms with this ephemerality in light of the labor-intensive processes required to create fibers has been a focus of my recent studio explorations. 
  • Emergent Geographies I. Mixed Fibers and Wire on Wood Panel. 48" x 30" 2014. Available.
  • Emergent Geographies II. Mixed Fibers and Wire on Wood Panel. 24" x 24" 2014. Available.
  • Emergent Geographies VI. Mixed Fibers and Wire on Wood Panel. 72" x 36" 2015. Available.
  • Emergent Geographies IV. Mixed Fibers and Wire. 60" x 24" 2015. Available.
  • Emergent Geographies V. Mixed Fibers and Wire on Wood Panel. 24" x 24". 2015. Available.
  • Emergent Geographies VI. Silk and Wire on Wood Panel. 24" x 18" 2016. Sold.
  • Emergent Geographies VII. Wool and Wire on Wood Panel. 24" x 48" 2016. Available.
  • Emergent Horizons. Site specific intervention. Wool and wire on Fire Door. 144" x 144" 2016.
    This was made for the fire door at the PopUp Gallery at 121 Coosa, and is not availalbe for sale, but similar interventions may be commission for specific locations.