• Diptych / Triptych
    Photo 114
         For the layout project, I chose a series ofthree images that juxtapose a stationary subject against the motion andmovement of life. The two images represented in diptych form are intended todemonstrate the forces that compel and propel us upwards and onwards to achieveour goals and ambitions. The third image, which is presented in triptych form,is intended to express the pressures we endure as we strive to accomplish andachieve our personal aspirations. We frequently expect ourselves to performwith a high degree of kinetic dynamism and this piece seeks to express thefluidity with which we lend ourselves to duress. All too often we try to biteoff more than we can chew, take on greater responsibilities than necessary and seekto be in multiple places all at once. This often leaves us feeling overwhelmedand lost in a world that’s seems just beyond our reach and spinning madly outof control. As a collective whole, these three pieces pair a sense of staticinertness with dynamic motion and the contrast between the two.