BOOK DESIGN: Shit Kids Say

  • As part of a book design project featuring content generated via interviews, I decided to focus my subject on the pure, uninhibited, amusing and insightful responses coming from children. It all began with an interview with my seven year old niece and her hilariously unusual but also incredibly sweet answers to life’s questions. Interviews were conducted with children all around up to 10 years old.

    The book was designed to be available in two formats:


    The book is designed in an open format, featuring select quotes from various children. No page numbers or table or contents are added, encouraging a casual free exploration of the user's choice. The book's shape reference's children's books in it's squareness. It is designed at a size of 185×167mm, 15mm thick - not too large and not too small, a light and casual read you can pick up or carry with you, otherwise provide as a fun gift for a friend.

  • Each book cover is designed to be simple and straight to the point. It features a handwritten title. mimicking the large letter forms of a child's writing. With this child-like writing and aesthetic and NOT so child-like title, the humor which makes up the content of the book is created.
  • The illustrations take on a classic stick figure form, but sometimes do also reference original drawings by my niece, Shanique. The neck-less bodies with giant hair and stick arms are collaged with real textures, again, playing with the irony of what is being seen. I loved the exaggerated features of the children's drawings - as literal as the children's responses, these illustrations were to complement in their equally comic effect.  

    Each page credits the child's name who answered the question along with their age. Some spreads may be type only, others featuring actual handwriting otherwise a combination with image.


    Catering to the modern day reader, a digital version of the book was designed - accessible via iBooks. The digital book is laid out in large full slides, again referencing the large square formats of children's books.

  • This project is a recipient of a 

    'The Red Dot is the award for high design quality. 
    The international jury only awards this sought-after seal of quality to projects that win over the jury 
    with their good design quality and creative performance.'

  • This project is a recipient of a 
    HOW International Design Merit Award, 2017​​​​​​​

    'Chosen as a Merit winner out of 294 award-winning designs in the most recent HOW International Design Awards. 
    This prestigious competition sponsored by HOW magazine recognizes excellence on a global scale—and every
    year honors entries from all over the world.'

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