Summer Mini Projects - 2016

  • This summer I decided to teach myself more about looped videos and how to create a seamless loop. The series starts with animated graphics and ends with a few hyperlapses. A hyperlapse is a photography technique that involves taking photos with a DSLR at fixed increments while keeping the lens focused on the subject. 
  • Inspired by the State Farm "Home & Auto" spot, I decided to make an endless loop of toothpaste. Sound was then added from to help sell the illusion of an assembly line of toothpaste. Made in Cinema 4D.
  • A flat illustrated style animation made in After Effects.
  • During the hype of Pokemon Go I decided to make a video to simulate what the future of making friends would be like. Designed in Illustrator and animated in After Effects.
  • The first in the series of my hyperlapses. I did not have much knowledge of the proper ways to shoot on. I used the focal points inside the view finder of the camera to line each shot up with the bottom of the parking deck on the bottom of the building and the rim around the peach at the top of the building. Shot with a Nikon D5100 and composited in After Effects. 
  • For this one I found a sidewalk that went in a straight line parallel to the building. I used the focal points on the camera to keep aim on the gold top of the building. I learned that I need a second focal point to keep the image steady. I attempted to stabilize the video by hand in After Effects. 
  • This video I tried a new technique to change the focal length with each photo. I set the furthest left focal point on the left edge of the building and same with the right side. There are 60 photos ranging from 95 to 24mm. I revered the footage to make it go backwards and create the loop. Composited in After Effects and shot with a Nikon D5100.
  • Similar with the one above, I set the left edge of the building with the left most focal point and same with the right. 
  • The final video in the series is one of my favorites. Again I changed the focal length from 150 to 18mm over a set of 50 photos. I set two focal points with this one. One on the top of the hat, and one on her knee. Composted in After Effects and shot on a Nikon D5100.