Gotham - Title Sequence

    Academic Project at Savannah College of Art and Design - Spring 2016


    First, we did a brainstorming to identify unique characteristics in the series. And after talking a lot, we concluded that there are bad and good characters but they are not always like that so we decided to use colors (Black and White) to show how they can be good or bad according to the circumstances. We also identi ed that the city changes according to the view of each character, making it good or bad also. For Jim Gordon for example, the city is really in a bad state, and he, as the hero, needs to save it, but for Fish, that portraits herself as a bad character, the city needs to be ruled by her and her needs. In the end there is black, white, but also a lot of grey areas, that were also used on this project.
    For the brush strokes, it was all made by hand and there was a lot of testing and recording. You can see the final result in the video below.

    COLORS - The black and White means good and evil in the elements of the image, like the city/ the character.
    TRANSPARENCY - We used the transparency in the characters to represent how conected they are with the city of Gotham.
    SKETCH MARKS - To make a connection with the comic books in which the series were based.
    TEXTURE - To make an allusion to the city that is ruined, old and with a lot of problems. 

    Project by Carolina Mender
                     Maggie Ge -