Mirror Game - Title Sequence

  • The Mirror Game is an upcoming psychological Bollywood movie that revolves around a University Professor and a Doctor. Stuck in a crumbling marriage and a failing career, Jay seeks a way out with hopes to publish his work in Psychiatric Genetics.  Ronnie, an intelligent and ambitious student, approaches Professor Verma asking for help with a thesis disproving the genetic link between psychiatric disorders. Verma sees this opportunity and in return for his help, makes Ronnie an offer that will solve all his problems.  Ronnie accepts but soon things start to spiral out of control and Professor Verma begins to question his own sanity.
    I was approached by Icelerate Films to create and design the main title sequence, closing credits and poster design. Symbolism played a huge part of the design. In the main title, we conceptually follow butterflies through a temple of the mind in which we see larger than life chess pieces engaged in battle of intellect. The title, inspired by the mirror game, a common technique for improvisational theater where two people, the leader and the mirror, improvise motion together with the mirror player duplicating the action of the leader, is a symbolic reference to mental health issues (butterflies) like schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder that form the central theme of the film.