The Biggest Story: Animation

  • The Biggest Story is the animated version of Kevin DeYoung's children's book with the same name. With lush illustrations by Don Clark (Invisible Creature), an original score by John Poon, and creative direction by Jorge R. Canedo Estrada, this was an amazing project to be a part of. It was a massive collaboration between 40 animators around the world as we each took Don Clark's illustrations and brought them to life through animation.  I had a blast animating three shots in Chapters 4,5 and 7, which you can see in the reel below. For more info about the project check out Jorge's Behance project.​​​​​​​
  • The hand of Joseph's greedy brothers
  • Don's detail-rich illustrations we're so inspiring to bring to life– but so many plants, so many puppet pins
  • I think I had the most fun rigging/animating Mary's character
    Client: Crossway
    Writing and Narration: Kevin DeYoung
    Illustrations: Don Clark - Invisible Creature
    Director of Animation & Production: Jorge Canedo Estrada
    Animation for the Shots Above: John Hughes
    Animation Full Video: Anna Grace Botka, Aurelien Malagoli, Chris Guyot, Chris Long, David Jouppi, David Stanfield, David Urbinati, Eddie Song, Frank Suarez, Grégory Villien, Handel Eugene, Ian Sigmon, Jake Mcbeardish, Jardeson Rocha, John Flores, John Hughes, Joshua Edwards, Joshua Jouppi, Juan Behrens , Juliet Park, Justin Demetrician, Justin Lawes, Kevin Botka, Kyle Martinez, Matt Barrera, Matthew Borrett, Mike Mirandi, Nol Honig, Paul Slemmer, Phil Borst, Remington McElhaney, Riccardo Albertini, Ronald Rabideau, Sang Wook Kim, Sarah Beth Hulver, Thomas Alberti, Tyler Morgan, Victor Silva, Will Fortanbary
    Additional Design: Juliet Park, Sarah Beth Hulver, Sang Wook Kim
    Music: John Poon
    Produced by Crossway
    Created for the book, "The Biggest Story," by Kevin DeYoung