Iphone Application Design & Development

  • iPhone Application
    Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Objective C, Apple SDK, PHP
    Project Concept
    The concept of this project is to give users of San Antonio College an aesthetic experience in dealing with campus information.
    Research Description
    Design wise, research was conducted to create an immersive user interface and experience. The design would marry beauty with functionality. The ultimate satisfaction from art is when you can make it interactive and functional.

    Research involved learning the Objective C, language. Although I am familiar with object oriented programming languages, Objective C see was slightly different, especially when managing memory allocation. Wanting to tie into local weather API's, I also used php.
    Target audience
    Target audience includes college students attending San Antonio College.

    Design solutions
  • San Antonio College IPhone App, working prototype on Apple Simulator
  • Map Feature, is set to automatically display boundaries of the campus
  • List of locations on campus. Selecting one will drop a pin on its location as well as show user their location in relation to it.
  • Emergency Options Feature
  • Weather Feature shows weather on campus by connecting to the Yahoo Weather API. Different weather conditions required different graphical representations of possible weather patterns. Weather included Day or Night.