• Lensational
    Red Fuse Communications x SCAD collaborative campaign 2017. Lensational created a world through photography, women from all over the world can express themselves freely, fulfill their aspirations, and be represented in a dignified way. The objective of this campign is to give voice to women in every developing countries, and  also to allow them to share knowledge, express and empowering their identities through photography. The target audience are 25 years old or above female/male, based in Hong Kong, from any ethnic groups and religion, people who are passionate about photography, outgoing, socializing in person and doing volunteer work. The idea of #OneSmallStop encouraged city people to slow down their living pace, take one small stop, take a picture and enjoy the moment, it can make a huge difference. The same happens in photography. One aperture stop or one shutter stop could affect the image quality greatly.

  • The touchpoint begins with traditional Out-of-home media, an outdoor bus stop campaign. The design of the campaign aimed to show the contrast of urban and rural area, it was adopted with Lensational’s photography and combined with photos of urban city.
  • It also contained a call for entry in this campaign, audience are encouraged to upload their pictures with the theme of “one small stop”, and upload it to the social media platform. The company will then select the select the superior work from all of the entries, and the chosen one will be announced on Lensational’s official Instagram.
  • The selected photos will be showcased at Lensational's charity exhibition, this exhibition will include the sale of artworks with net proceeds going towards Lensational. Audience are encouraged to donate their used camera to the company, in order to pursuit the goal of empowering women through photography and enhance women power.