Social Issues Poster - Homeowners

  • Social Issues Poster - Help Homeowners
  • Media
    Found textures/patterns, X-acto knife, and glue
    Project Concept
    Done completely by hand, This poster shows the struggle thousands of American homeowners face as they confront the deluge of underwater mortgages, high interest rates, insufficient help or willingness to help from American banks.
    Research Description

    Research included poster styles, particularly with social change undertones.

    Target audience
    Target audience includes homeowners.

    Design solutions
    This design project took great inspiration found in 20th century art, and was a great exercise in using "found materials" such as artists such as Duchamp might have.. Sometimes you really do  not know your skill until you take away the computer. Used in this project was found material, felt-tip pen, X-acto knife,and spray mount.