Savannah way of Life

  • I tried to recover the awesome feeling that I had while I was doing the “Bella’s Cafe” project - because it had characters based on people and elements that I love. So, in this time I thought about Savannah, this beautiful city, with charming cafes, boutiques, cute dogs and etc. The main characters are again based on my friends, the ones that I had the opportunity to share this amazing experience that was, living abroad.
    I hope you guys enjoy seeing this illustration as much enjoyed doing it :)
  • The process was really similar to the Bella’s as well, the line work was done on the light table with pencil, and the color part was done in Photoshop, but with a lot of textured brushes and warm colours.
    I did this quick illustration based on the same feelings that I have about Savannah, so I thought that was a good idea to add on this project too.