OmniPoint Marketing Suite Launch Campaign

  • OmniPoint Launch

    Challenge: When Blackbaud launched OmniPoint™, a new marketing suite for enterprise-level customers, Agency 545 was tasked with creating a campaign that clearly demonstrated OmniPoint’s unique benefit: Combining data transformation, marketing execution, and business intelligence so nonprofit organizations can reach the next level of engagement with their constituents. 

    Solution: Agency 545 created the “See people, not pieces” campaign to illustrate how OmniPoint brings together an organization’s disparate data to provide a holistic view of its constituents. The visual treatment was paired with headlines emphasizing how supporters want to be treated like people, not data points—all demonstrating how OmniPoint helps organizations connect with constituents in a more powerful, intimate way. 

    Deliverables: Emails, digital ads, printed brochure, collateral card, direct mail, print ads, landing page, launch party