Airome - Smart Air Purifier

  • Survey
    I also designed and sent out surveys that I shared on multiple social media in large city in
    China where I knew I could reach a large number of people. Based on sample of 500
    people, I researched about there living environment, acceptable price and etc
  • The average area of chinese apartments are small; yet they tend to have more than 3 rooms. The most of the air purifers fail to clean the air in high performance as they promised in advertisements, like 99% of particles, because the normal room cannot keep the idea temperature or humidity as in the lab. As a result of that, some people have to buy multipule air purifiers, placing them in different rooms
  • Affinity Map
    After the interview and survey, I collected all the information and create an affinity map to help me categorize all the data. To be more clear about the what the user needs.
  • User Journey
    I illustrated the situations described by people that I interviewed to gain a better understanding
    of the situationI and created some scenarios based on some typical user journeys. It helped me
    to understand the particular pain points that user's experience, and how I can best solve these
    problems with the product.
  • Then I create some scenarios "If this then that"
    Since you have more than one Airome, whatever room you are in, the device in that room will turn to Quiet mode so that it won't disturb you when reading, doing your business. However, don't worry, the device in other room will still work normally.
  • Ideation
    After defining the style, I start to sketch a bunch of variation of the look of the hardware. I was attracted by the idea hanging on the wall so that it can save a lot of space and also be decoratively. The opening hole can lower the visual weight but also be the place where the air goes in. I am looking for the form that is simple to fit into most of the modern home interior, but also with enough details that people knows it is an high tech air purifier.
  • Final Concept
    Available in different color and finishes
    The left side is where you change filter and water.
  • Final concept
    Instead of buying a huge chunk of box with high efficiency, Airome only takes care of one room.
    That is the reason why it can be small and elegant.
    With more than one Airome, they can interact with each other, leaning you scheduals and be your best assistant at home.
  • The opening hole is where the air goes in
    I did a few user tests on different design and settle down with this one beacasue it has enought information
    that people need to know, but not too complicated that the user gets lost
  • Lights Up
    With motion sensor, It lights up when it detects that the user is getting closer
    With your figure scrolling the dots, the lightness changes.
    The upper dots control light, the down blue dots control the air purifier modes.
  • You can also view your home air quality by days or weeks by pressing different buttons
  • The opening hole also has a breathing LED light, indicating the air quality of the room
    Red means really really bad, orange means bad, purple means sort of bad, green means ok, blue means perfect
    When the filter is full, Airome will shut down automatically and reminds you both on the interface and the app!
  • LOGO Construction
  • APP UI
    I decide to keep the interface simple yet playful.
    After you log in, the main screen has a little animation shows the weather (rainning, starry night, etc...)
    Also, it shows how many device you have and the overall air quality of each of your room.
  • Similarly with Airome device interface, you can also use your figure to scroll to change either modes or lights.
  • Thank you for watching :)