Early Bird (App Concept)

  • "Early Bird" is an alarm clock app concept, designed to solve the problem of oversleeping. 
    Named after the saying "the early bird gets the worm", this app helps students, professionals and anyone who uses an alarm to wake up on time in the morning. Unlike existing alarm clocks on phones, it is friendly and welcoming, thereby making the act of waking up in the morning a more pleasant experience. However, it is not passive - it forces oversleepers to solve a puzzle in order to switch off the alarm, thereby enabling brain activity early in the morning, and waking the user up. 
    Early Bird also gamifies the concept of alarms by enabling users to earn snoozes and to connect to social media and compete with friends.
  • First time users will be walked through the process of personalizing the alarm. The alarm difficulty can be set based on the user's personal preferences, and based on this, the complexity of the puzzle as well as the number of snoozes the user can utilize changes.
  • Once the difficulty is set, the user can also personalize their alarm tone, or even add their own song. Multiple alarms can also be set. 
  • When the alarm rings, the user will have to solve a puzzle (take Early Bird to the worm) in order to stop the alarm from sounding. If the user fails to do so, the alarm will continue to ring for two minutes and then switch off, and then the user will rank lower than his or her friends for that week. 
    If the user solves the puzzle regularly, he or she is rewarded with snoozes. 
    The user can, however, use their snoozes while the alarm rings, but the number of snoozes are limited. 
  • The user can go back to settings to change them, or can challenge his friends for the next time he wakes up. 
  • Test the interface out below: 
  • Thank you!