The Leftovers - Illustrations for Story

  • The Leftovers
    You can't throw them out.
  • Illustrations and concepts for "The Leftovers". Four boys with no families struggle to save their one possession, an inherited home, and their adopted family, a local run-down sushi shoppe. 
    Illustrations for environments and characters for a graphic novel.

    Some work is published under my maiden name, Melissa Natalie Curtin, or nickname, Nat Kay.
  • The sushi shoppe where the boys work may or may not be a converted bank, garage or gangster hideout. It doubles as a store for Asian imports of dubious quality. A moonshiner lives next door.
  • The boys' home was left to them but is in danger of being condemned. A beautiful Painted Lady down on her luck. It's rumored that an old woman haunts the turret, but no one will look.
  • Character sketches. The youngest housemate and the venerable mistress of the Front of the House at Nori Nori Sushi.
  • The eldest brother's bedroom, dominated largely by the interests of his Korean-speaking model girlfriend. 
  • Sushi shoppe staff.
  • The bartender and girlfriend.
  • Promotional color sketches of some of the housemates.
  • A questionable soundstage.
  • An illustration involving and escaped fish and unhappy Yakuza.