Acid Bloom SS2018/2019

  • ‘Acid Bloom’ is inspired by a woman as an urban orchid. Orchids are symbols of both strength and fragility. They can survive in harsh conditions without water for long periods of time and still bring forth a fragile, beautiful orchid flower. In Chinese culture, the orchid is considered to be one of the four venerable flowers, as bestowed by Confucius. 
    In today's urban world, a woman wanting her own independence has to juggle expectations pertaining to her domestic responsibilities and her personal desires and aspirations to have her own life. She has to be strong and brave in chasing them while managing her fragile and emotional nature.
    Under intense pressure in an urban setting, this woman blooms to produce vibrant streaks of energy seen through painterly brushstrokes. The duality of strength and fragility comes through in soft floral prints on silk organza, contrasted with sculptural holographic fabric, which is laser cut with orchid petal details, depicting the urban landscape of today.